here // now

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in that day when
the light perpetually
stays on
in that night
when nocturnal
is defined by
unnatural sleeping

reveries in the
despising every
moment passing
yet wanting time
to rush past


clock ticks past
one ey em
luckily the
digital kind doesn’t
make that sound

but sometimes I wish it did.


End of Semester Questionnaire

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  1. Favorite writing assignments: The “let’s plan a murder or start a religion” and the “intertextuality and investigation” prompts.
  2. Least favorite: Homophonic Translation. It works if you are completely unfamiliar with a language, but I can’t help but want to translate it instead.
  3. Full-group workshops can get awkward. I wish there was a little more direction and encouragement of criticism.
  4. There was a lot of free reign with small group workshops. 30 minutes was too long, so we ended up doing nothing a lot of the time.
  5. Yes, the course structure did help my writing practice. I liked having prompts and 10 minutes to jot down thoughts and writing whatever came to mind. The portfolio was a nice way to lay out the work we’ve created throughout the semester.
  6. Depending on the writer, I think it would be a good idea to push students to try a different genre at least once. Otherwise, we may end up falling back to our comfort zone and then end up with cliche-ridden pieces. At the same time, forcing people to write in a particular genre may result in a situation where we are chained to conventions that stray from being “creative”.
  7. I felt like we didn’t go very far with negotiating the grading criteria. I think it would be more useful if you laid out criteria for us and asked us to discuss which parts we feel should be emphasized more or less.
  8. Journaling allows the writer to think before they write. Unless you are my Abstract Algebra teacher, it’s rare that someone can write as fast as they think. Also, writing things down makes it feel permenant, whereas blogging allows you to edit and immediately view how the final product may appear. Plus, I type much, much faster than I literally write. All in all, the combination of the two gives you perspectives on writing and as long as you do it, it helps one’s writing practice.
  9. I used the blog for creative writing and journaling.
  10. Although there was much freedom to take this course however we would like, I would have preferred a little more intervenion on the instructor’s part. I felt we were left with a lot of awkward silences because no one wanted to step up above you. Even though creativity thrives in the freedom to do whatever you want, it can also stem from the breaking of structure. Facilitation of a class does not mean leave the students alone, but to guide them using a framework.
  11. Advice for students in the future: Don’t be afraid to take risks. The worst thing that could happen would consist of you redoing your work. And so what? You can’t learn by doing everything ‘right’ the first time around.


I often use writing samples from past students as models in my classroom.  Please check one of the boxes and type in your name and today’s date below:

X_  I give you permission to use writing samples from my English 227 portfolio

__  I do not give you permission to use writing samples from my English 227 portfolio

Print Name:­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ Annie C.

Date: 12/12/09

Signature: Annie C.

Writer’s Inventory Redux

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  1. Creative writing is an undefined compilation of words (or sounds) expressed onto a page.
  2. Briefly describe your history or background in reading and writing creative texts. My only exposure to creative writing before this class was the poetry slams I attended throughout the last two years in high school. I’m now a senior, and I’ve read and written the bulk of any creative writing in this class.
  3. Are writers born, made, or both? Explain your answer. Writers are born; good writers can be made. Maybe that didn’t really answer the question. Even if a person does not learn how to read and write, they still have the ability to write. Whether or not someone else understands what they’ve written is the real question. I’m just going to move on to the next question.
  4. Explain how writing affects your daily life. Well, you need to be able to communicate to function in a society and writing is an integral part of communication. I write e-mails, papers, reflections, resumes, facebook statuses, math proofs, and I wouldn’t do any of it without writing.
  5. What is the purpose of the creative writer in contemporary society? To inspire, to relate, to disgust, to make laugh… the creative writer will always exist as long as there are rules and conventions to follow. He was made to break the laws of ‘proper’ writing.
  6. Will you continue to write creatively when this course ends? What are your plans? Yes. I will most likely post on my secret-from-the-world blog and make use of the composition book I bought for this class.


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I’ve got stuff to do and instead I’m writing here.














I should probably get back to work.

on the dance floor

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an excuse to dance close
act silly and laugh uncontrollably
we build shields until
consumption alters our perceptions

in the sparkling moonlight
we pretend that no one
sees the distance
between us diminish

the heat rises
and the tempo accelerates
indirectly with our
movements rhythmically
in sync.

standing so close
never felt so distant.


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When I was little, I would say itch instead of scratch and my mother always corrected me.

Sometimes I call celery ‘cucumber’ on accident. It’s too bad I don’t have the excuse of being 5 years old.

Panic! no disco.

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Let’s just say I’ve got some work to do and there are ’bout two weeks left ’til I’m done with classes!!!!!!!

Okay, back to portfolio-compiling and figuring out what to do with this Blog-presenting dealy we gots to do.

(Methinks I should have not left so many pieces unfinished…)